Covenant College is the Christian liberal arts college of the PCA

Heritage Gift Society

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The Heritage Gift Society is a lifetime membership (unless the gift is later retracted) that honors those persons who recognize Covenant in their estate plans. Most often, estate gifts help build the College's endowment, which provides valuable resources for student scholarships, faculty, and facilities. There are no minimum required gift amounts to join.

We are especially thankful for the following members of the Heritage Society. Each has named Covenant College or the Covenant College Foundation as a beneficiary in their will, defined retirement plan, trust, or life insurance policy.

James L. Alston, Jr. M.D.
Mrs. Marie Smith (Alston)
Lowell Andreas
Dr. Robert B. and Julia A. Ashlock
Mr. and Mrs. L.B. Austin III
Mrs. L.B. Austin Jr.
Robert Avis and Ann Avis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Bain Jr.
Mr. Clark Baker
John and Donna Bates
Joel and Carol Esther Belz
Mr. Robert W. Bowman
Arthur and Lois Broadwick
Frank and Dottie Brock
Dr. Dick and Shirley Chewning
Dr. and Mrs. Edmund P. Clowney
Mike and Jennifer Cook
Ms. Joanita Cutten
Don Darling
Alice I. Davis
John and Florence Debardeleben
Bob and Nellie den Dulk
Mrs. Charles Donaldson
Allen and Sharon Duble
Troy and Sarah Duble
Dick and Ruth Ellingsworth
Martin and Barbara Essenberg
George and Sheryl Farquhar
Mrs. Faye H. Fron
Dr. and Mrs. John Graham
Derek and Wendy Halvorson
Kurt and Julianne Halvorson
Stephen and Marni Halvorson
Dennis and Carol Hamilton
Mr. Nelson M. Hard
Mark W. and Judith A. Harris
W. Douglas and Neal M. Haskew
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Hight
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Johnson
Jim and Judy Jolly
Tom and Lori Kamp
Jay and Pauline Larsen
Norris and Billie Little
Mr. John McElwee
William Nash
Roy and Susan Nichols
Drs. Niel and Kathleen Nielson
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph S. Paden
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Painter
Mr. Nicholas John Pappas
Jim and Ann Patton
Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Payne
Suzanne Kent Plumly
Mr. Scott L. Probasco, Jr.
Bill and Melissa Quesenberry
Dr. Gary C. and Virginia Raffaele
Buck and Eve Roebuck
Marshall and Sue Rowe
Collyn Schmidt
Jack and Dot Sharpe
Mitch and Fran Simmons
Carolyn J. Sinclair
Sam and Donna Smartt
Estes and Gerry Stephens
Art and Alberta Stoll
Priscilla Strom
Joe and Joan White
Spencer and Donne Wright
Bob and Dot Yoder